Full Service Dispatchers

                                       Your Personal Driver Dispatcher will

1.) Locate Freight and Book your load that best matches your Truck Profile
2.) Negotiate the best Rates on your behalf
3.) Check the Credit with your Factoring Company.
4.) Sign and secure the Rate Confirmation
5.) Customer Service, Forward load details,Dates,Times,

     Pick Up and Delivery information.
6.) Set all Appointments if required 
7.) Provide Daily Check Calls as required
8.) Email/Text pick up and delivery Information
9.) Request Fuel Advances for each load
10.) Provide Free load board postings 

Your Driver will be assigned a personal Dispatcher 

Back Office Support

Dispatch America will assist in handling your back office Requirements

Your assigned Administrative Assistant will​​

1.) Set Up, your Carrier Packet
2.) Complete the Shipper/Broker Agreements on the Carriers behalf
3.) Check Customers Credit with the Factoring company for approval.
4.) Create Invoice for each Shipment
5.) Assist in setting up Factoring company if one is required.

6.) Manage your paperwork
7.)Assist with Customer and Factoring Company issues on your behalf. 

Types of Equipment Dispatched

            Dispatch America, Dispatches the following equipment

1.) Dry Vans
2.) Flatbeds
3.) Step Decks
4.) Refrigerated
​5.) Power Only

Trucker/Carrier Set Up Requirements

Please Supply the following Information

1.) Copy of the Truck/Carrier Authority
2.) Copy of the Truck/Carrier DOT#
3.) Copy of the Insurance Certificate
4.) Copy of the Driver's Licence
5.) Driver's Cell Phone Number
6.) Driver's E-Mail address
7.) Factoring Company's Contact Info
8.) Insurance Agent Contact Info

Insurance Requirement:                                          

General Liability   $1,000,000
Cargo Insurance   $   100,000

Serveral Payment Options
  • Pay per load
  • Pay by the week
  • Volume Discounts for Fleets