Driver Resources

The following Classified information is presented to assist Dispatch America Drivers with the various services that might be required to help run their business. 

Breakdown Roadside Assistance Search Engine
National Truck and Trailer Services Breakdown Directory
Find the closest repair shop to you, Nationwide

TIGIF Integrity Group
Tel. 1-877-233-9014

DOT Compliance
IFTA Reporting
Accounting Services

Nationwide Roadside Assistance  
​Tel. 1-800-395-4908

Drug Testing Company
​Tel. 1-888 582 8001

ELD/Electronic Logging Device

Easy to Use - Low Cost  ELD System

  • No Long Term Contracts
  • No Up Front hardware costs.
  • No Hidden fees.
  • Electronic Logbook App
  • Log Auditing
  • GPS Location Tracking
  • Electronic DVIR
  • Messaging
  • ELD/ Electronic Logging Device
  • IFTA Reporting

Load Profit Operating Calulator

Factoring Company             
​OTR Capital                       
​770 882 0124 ext 2209
Ask for Jonathan or Travis
Mention Dispatch America and recieve a special Factoring Fee

Transportation Insurance
  Marquee Insurance Group
      678 310 5646- ext2918
                     ​Ask for Chandler

National Average Drivers Salaries

Oversize Permit Service
Motor Carrier Express Services
512 491 7362 s/w Toney

JJ Keller 800 231 5266

Need a Certificate of Authority
Use the following                                   LINK:

1 800 649 1726​​